Nothing Concrete


After more than thirty concerts this summer in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Slovenia and France, and the release of the first single from our fourth album (available in December), in collaboration with the label Onde Prod, Nothing Concrete is already preparing for the 2023 concert season with dates in Romania, the United Kingdom and France confirmed.An instant party atmosphere, original songs combining New Orleans jazz and Celtic folk with touches of Balkan, South American and Afrobeat flavours, high-energy dance routines, protest lyrics, audience participation and humour.Compared variously to "Frank Zappa meets The Clash", Tom Waits, Gogol Bordello, and Dexy's Midnight RUnners it's a real melting pot of sounds and styles.



07/0319:00Sortie de Residence, Mediathèque, Lamasquère, 31
18/0321:00La Boussole, Taurignan-Vieux, 09
29/0419:30Salle de Fêtes, St Jean de Poutge, 32
08/0510:00Marché de Mirepoix, 09
13/0323:00Festi Hazzard, Manses, 09
19/06DiversesGlastonbury Festival UK (en duo)
07/0721:00Fête de Pailhes, Pailhes, 09
08/0720:00Aveyron 32
19/0721:00Marché Nocturne Roquefixade, 31
21/0720:00La Vieille Ville, Tarascon, 09
25/0719:00PicNic Concert, 31
26/0718:00Chateau Cazaleres, Daumazan sur arize, 09 (en duo)
28/0720:30L'Ephémère Guinguette, Lacroix Falgarde, 31
29/0720:00Lafourche Festival, Foix, 09
16-20/08DiversesBuskers de Morges, CH (en duo)
30/0820:00Les Cabanes de l'Espinal, Saurat, 09
31/0820:00Les Jeudis de Carla, Carla Bayle, 09
29/0920:00La Grangette, Montbrun Bocage, 31
14/1020:00La Brouch, St Girons, 09 (en Duo)